Meet Lisa

Hi, my name is Lisa Kelley and I’ve been told that I’m one of the leading business experts! It’s nice to hear though I don’t let my ego think like that.  When I work with my clients, I ask them to leave their ego at the door if they hope to succeed in their business. If they can’t do that, we can’t move forward.  My ego, whom I call Sheila, knows to stay away when I work with a client. By the way… you too, will give your ego a name and learn best practices to keep it in check.


A little bit about me now. I have over 20 years-experience as a trainer and coach.  I started my career in Corporate America as a Customer Service Trainer.  I traveled around the U.S. where I was in charge of programming and training all personnel on their new telecommunication systems along with call accounting software for large corporate accounts like Columbia/HCA hospitals.  During this time, I realized that I had a passion for educating others at an early age.

My career in Telecom continued as a Senior level Sales Executive for the next 10 years where I cultivated my skills positioning multi-million-dollar deals with the top Fortune 50 companies like Bank of America, PepsiCo, Cisco, DuPont and major municipalities.  I developed my business strategy skills, as I was assisting my clients in building new profit centers, streamlining departments and affecting bottom line return on investments.  I worked directly with many C-Level executives and board of directors in this time.

After leaving corporate America, I spent the next 10 years as Partner & CEO of my own digital creative agency.  I took my training and teaching skills and incorporated them as I began speaking on more and more big stages.  I quickly became an International Speaker and Global Business Strategist on Branding & Marketing.  I continued my passion of educating others in a different capacity though stayed true to my calling of serving others to help them succeed.  To this day my teachings are in use by various Universities. 

As I continued working with C-level executives, I noticed a similarity to the ones from my previous career.  I was offering completely different products though there was a common theme…self-sabotaging behaviors.

I discovered a solution that changed everything.  Although I had permission to consult on a professional level, I wasn’t able to coach on a personal level.  This was the missing link!  Once I was able to do both, I watched my clients soar!  There is an absolute distinct correlation between balancing the personal AND professional aspects. I believe that how we show up in one area of life is how we show up in all areas of our life. 

I have gone on to become a Certified Professional Coach in my business and became certified as a Master Certified Coach so I can now “coach the coaches”.

Working for yourself is exhilarating though it does have its challenges.  The grind is the same, just different.  After working with hundreds of people and consulting with thousands, I hit my breaking point.  I realized that I cared more about the success of my client’s business’ than they did.  I built them up only to watch them tear it down.  I started to wonder why? Why did they go into their self-destructive ways?  And even more, I wanted to know why I kept attracting these types of clients. This is what lead me on my path of self-discovery. I figured out why people tend to (here’s that word again) self-sabotage and give up on their businesses. It was eye opening!

So, I got to work.  I developed workshops, retreats and online training programs which are all dedicated to helping business leaders just like you, create and sustain a successful profitable business that you absolutely love!

I help you from the ground up, starting with creating your Vision, then finding your Value and discovering your Voice. All of which are the essential keys to creating the success you seek in the business world.