2020…the year of VISION!

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Who could have envisioned what this year would have in store for us all? Personally, I had so many goals for the new year. I mapped out new networking organizations to check out and planned on reconnecting with old contacts. Not to mention the live-in person events I was so excited to do…A new coaching course, live branding workshops and the Women’s Empowerment Event I would host again in Park City, Utah!

In many ways, 2020 has truly been the year of seeing our visions…not necessarily executing them. Here is my perspective on why 2020, is a great year. Many lives have been lost, businesses have shut down for good, racial unrest is coming to the forefront and we are as politically divided than ever before so for those reasons…2020 might be the worst year of our lifetime. BUT…and I hate to use the word but…for many of us entrepreneurs, we have been forced to hit the pause button on our businesses and regroup. My digital creative agency, SALES:CREATIVE has slowed to a crawl so I had to do something productive while we all wait out what our new normal will look like.

When everything closed down, my partner and I had to deal with the loss in revenue and the feeling of uncertainty. Our clients placed an emphasis on saving money because nobody knew what the future held. I don’t blame them. We tightened our belt too. 6 months into this lull, that fear of “what are we going to do now” feeling turned into gratitude. Grateful for the break and the opportunity to slow down and work ON my business. I have taken this time to reevaluate our business model, our target audience, our internal processes and much more. This has turned out to be a wonderful time for us to tighten up and discover things that weren’t being done and find different ways to focus on our messaging.

As a business strategist and executive coach, I encourage my clients to do this check each year and I hope many of you are taking this opportunity to do that during this time! The wonderful thing about this space and time is that this applies to everyone…which in its own way, is refreshing and comforting to know that we are all in this together.

I’ve taken this time to work on my online courses, my new website https://lisakelleyspeaks.com/ and update our https://salescreative.net/ website.

So as horrible as this year has been, I’ve taken the attitude that 2020 is the year of VISION. I encourage you to take this opportunity to work ON your business not IN it as we can sometimes do. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage the last 3 months of this year to update your Business Plan for 2021. Create a new Vision Statement for yourself and business. Hone in on your offerings and brand appearance. This is the perfect time to record videos, write blogs, create products and recalibrate your business for the new year!