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As I sit here, I am present to the most beautiful smell on earth…Casa Blanca white lilies. These flowers have brought together so many elements of my past, present and future. The first time I ever received these were from my now husband, over 13 years ago on our first valentine’s day together. Not stargazer lilies… beautiful white lilies! This flower represents so many beautiful connections for me. It’s so fragrant, long lasting, sturdy, prickly yet soft…. Like me. The name “Lisa” in Greek actually means “woman with God” so my mama sure got that right! My husband was born in May… his flower is lilies (though he didn’t know it). When I look back now, journals and decorative boxes that were gifted to me were adorned with white lilies. It’s as if God has been with me through so many seasons of my life… all culminating to this very day.

This is a very special day for me as it is the day that I launch my new brand and website! I am filled with so much joy and gratitude toward my husband, who is the strongest person I know and the most supportive of my dreams (Not to mention…is so gifted and created all my video). I’m thankful to my parents (Wanda and Fred) who have seen me through all the seasons of my life both healthy and unhealthy. My best friend Jackie who has graphic design skills to die for (and contracts for our agency as well) and whose creativity built this beautiful brand look and feel with the brilliant tagline (Her most beautiful quality is her love for Christ and her great friendship to me). To Derrick, he is not only a part of our SALES:CREATIVE team, he is a dear friend and cheerleader in my process of life and who today has melted my heart and supported me in the most wonderful way possible with the creation and execution of bringing this website together.

To my dear friend Katie who I have only known for a little over a year; she has burst into my life like a ray of sunshine! From her support as a Relationship Expert helping me see the parts of me that I didn’t want to see; to assisting me in “Letting Go” even further on my journey. To her other beautiful gifts of supporting me with wordsmithing content, to supporting me along with my husband Carlos, during my photo shoot. Last though certainly not least…my precious dog, Bevo! Ever since I got this little Angel fur ball, I have known that he was born to be my dog. He loves me unconditionally and has taught me so much about loving that way, not sweating the small stuff, how energy works and I am so grateful for all the days he has laid right by my side as I have figured out on a deeper level what this thing called “LIFE” is all about!

This day means so much as I am finally bringing all the elements I had envisioned into this new brand and website for the world to see…though it is so much more than that. I have been branding other people’s businesses for over 7 years now and that has been its own unique journey all on its own.

Today I officially step into Lisa Kelley Speaks! This will be a long migration process though essential in my new space.

My partner Carlos, both in life and business, has supported me the last 11 years and is my everything. He has taught me so much on this ride of life! He is the calmest, most patient man who has endured the ups and the downs (and man…there were a lot of downs). He supported me when I didn’t yet have the courage to honor myself and my worth. When I put others first and didn’t have healthy boundaries. He was there to endure the fighter (Sheila… my ego’s name) and just let her go until she couldn’t go anymore.

A vibration in me has shifted. From my ego to my essence. I honor all those moments in business and in our personal life where he supported me no matter what (not that it was always pretty coming from him lol). I’m now embracing all of me in this whole new way and I am so grateful to him for showing me all those parts that were no longer serving me and for giving me the grace to basically be the slowest learner on the planet… at least that’s how I felt ;-)

For many years I have helped others build their vision from an ego place. I wasn’t aware that holy spirit was guiding me to serve these people in a much bigger way. I’d get so upset when we’d have great business strategy sessions at the outset then only weeks later, they’d come back and change their “mind”. I would be so attached to their decisions; thought they were going backwards, making mistakes or self-sabotaging.

Why did I care more than they did? I set out on my own personal development journey of discovery. I learned so much, like what makes people tick and what makes them step into the light then step back out of it and why they would do that in their business. There were so many examples where someone had their whole brand platform built and then wouldn’t do anything with it. Or worse, lash out at me when it was their fear of stepping into their dream that was the real issue.

All of this took such as toll on my health, both emotionally and physically. I now see that everything I went through was a culmination to today. Today is the day where I am bringing the two sides of me together to serve people from my brain space and my heart space; or as I like to refer to them…my ego and my essence.

Thank you God!!!! Thank you for bringing so many wonderful Angels into my life and for all the patience and support you continue to give me. I couldn’t imagine a life without you at the center of it. I have many dreams to make a difference in this world. Especially as it relates to helping young girls and women find their voice, their purpose and I am so grateful to be right here in this place…the perfect place… the present place.

I don’t know what the future holds though what I do know is that this already feels right.