Personal Empowerment

I am passionate about assisting others by helping them push through barriers that get in their way of living their best life!  I do that in a few different ways.

For someone who might say “I just feel stuck” I offer a discovery session where I will go through a series of questions (which takes about an hour to an hour and half), then I will take another couple hours on my own to create what is called a “Vision Statement”.  We will then go over this together on another call and give you some homework from there. 

Many have said this has changed their lives!  It gets into some juicy principles that I train in my Certified Professional Coaching Course.  All I can say is that it worked so well for me in my own life years ago, that is why I do it for others today!

Journey to Self-Discovery!

Another way I like to help people in personal empowerment is through my workshops and retreats!

Let me help you on your Journey to Self-Discovery! 

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to understand why people feel, act and behave the way they do. And through my own spiritual journey I finally discovered why people behave like they do. I took those lessons, tools and resources and I created my powerful workshops and retreats!

Discover and push through the limiting beliefs that get in your way of you being your most authentic self. As One of my clients wrote - “Lisa’s Take back your Voice retreat was one of the most powerful life changing retreats I’ve ever attended! I can’t wait for the next one!”

My workshops and retreats are just a couple of the ways I can help you grow and create a life you love! 

Women's Empowerment Retreat

This is a recap of my last retreat. The theme was to do activities and sessions that assisted these women in discovering where they had lost power in their lives and how to take that back. They also learned how to set healthy boundaries and put themselves first.

Stay tuned for dates on the next Women's Empowerment Retreat in the Fall of 2022.