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I am so passionate about sharing my story and tips and tricks I learned along the way!  There is nothing more gratifying than having someone approach me after a talk and say, “I got the best idea hearing you speak, and I can’t wait to execute it!”

In my talks I share powerful tools to discover your authentic self, set and keep boundaries, dissolve your self-sabotaging habits and help you step into creating a successful and sustainable business that you love.

Online digital marketing and brand strategy are also my jam and I have over 15 unique talks on just these topics alone!  Since I am partner in my own strategic consulting/digital creative agency it is a must to stay current on all things marketing, so I am constantly updating my talks to give the latest information available.

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Lisa is no stranger to being on stage. It all started when she was 8 years old. It was a Christmas Cantata and she sang her first solo part. A star was born. Lisa continued performing and soon found herself in front of over 1000 people when she was only 13! Scared? No! She loved it! Speaking in front of audiences comes natural to Lisa. She has a passion for teaching, has great stage presence and knows how to command a room. Over the years, Lisa has shared the stage with wonderful speakers like Dan Clark, Les Brown, Marianne Williamson; to name a few. She is blessed to have met so many inspirational speakers and had such amazing experiences.

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Lisa Speaking Topics

Business Strategies, Branding & Digital Marketing

Lisa has over 25 years’ experience working with Business Executives, helping them dig deep to achieve greater success. She does this by creating new profit centers, re-defining culture and assisting entrepreneurs when they start a new business. Lisa’s background consists of working with Top Fortune 50 companies such as Bank of America, Pepsi, Dupont, Blue Cross Blue Shield, NFL Team (Titans), Universities and Government…to name a few. Her experience and insights have worked for both large corporations and small business owners alike.

A commercial real estate project was on the brink of bankruptcy when Lisa was called in to rescue the project. She noticed many mistakes in their marketing and execution and in less than three months, she generated over $8 million in revenue! A celebrity Dr. called Lisa to create his marketing campaign. Her strategy led to more than $100,000 in new revenue in just one week alone! These are just a couple of examples of how Lisa gets results. She has many more examples from her own experiences working with her clients as she’s helped them achieve outstanding results!

You can feel Lisa’s passion when she’s on stage. She beams with excitement, her energy on stage is contagious and she interacts/engages with her audiences! She is funny, charismatic and most importantly… humble. She prides herself on meeting her audience where they are and lovingly pulls from her own experiences to make her points. Lisa believes the only way to touch the minds and hearts of people is to share a human connection first and foremost.

Topics Include:

  • Build A Business That You Love!
  • How to Build a Bad Ass Brand!
  • Branding from Essence
  • Create your VISION, find you VALUE, Discover your VOICE

Motivation & Personal Empowerment

Lisa has spent the past 15+ years focusing on her own personal development. She overcame some major childhood obstacles and took the initiative to explore the other parts of her that were stopping her from her dreams. She overcame her own self sabotaging behaviors and in doing so, it provided her a passion to help others do the same. She has a heart for helping others find their own light through her coaching and consulting. She helps individuals go deep within their soul to discover the blocks that are stopping them from reaching their greatness. In the end ,they overcome them and find their voice, just like Lisa rediscovered hers.

When organizations and non-profits that focus on helping women and young girls call on Lisa to speak to them, she jumps at the chance to do so. She shares her life experiences, the need to be hopeful in life and tells them that they can achieve anything they put their heart and soul to. She meets people right where they are and inspires them to move into a new phase of their journey. As a Certified Master Coach, she has many skills and insights that she herself has learned over the years and loves to share.

Topics include:

  • Take Back Your Voice
  • The Power of Understanding Ego vs Essence