My Cherished Blanket

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Isn’t it interesting how in life sometimes we do not realize how “things” can change their meanings to us over time.  Over my life I have received so many gifts.  Whether it be for birthdays, Christmas’, friendships or for other special occasions like a promotion or graduation.

When I was a child gifts were so exciting to me.  The visual excitement of seeing a beautifully wrapped present and knowing that it had my name on it.  I was a very observant kid too!  I would try and guess in my mind what the gift was by the shape, size and of course shaking the box.  While opening the gift I was full of excitement and then once I recognized what it was… even more enthusiasm!  The moment that followed that though… even as a small child has always been THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT FOR ME!  That was the acknowledging who the gifter was hugging them…. Looking into their eyes and saying, “THANK YOU”.  It was the CONNECTION that meant so very much to me.  I was a very sensitive child and didn’t know until years later I was also an empath.  “Things” had way more meaning and significance to me you see.  Even still… when I touch something that was gifted to me it immediately takes me to the connection to the person that gifted me that “thing”.  I would immediately think of their laugh, their smile, their personality and cherished moments we shared when I would hold that item.

Now that you understand a little more about me and my connection to gifts, I want to share a very special story about a very special blanket.  This blanket was a Christmas gift 4 Christmas’ ago.  I remember very well who gifted it to me.  It came with a scarf.  Upon opening it I thought “What a kind gift to make sure my body and neck stay warm during the cold winters in Utah”.  My next thought was so very superficial, “It’s not my taste though… brown and gold plaid”.  Isn’t it interesting how we can have so many senseless opinions sometimes.

The fact that it was a gift means that I will keep it!  Ask my husband, I cannot get rid of gifts because of their sentimental value of course… The “CONNECTION” to that other person.  I believe it stems from me being an only child.  I had always dreamed of siblings that I could bond with and since I had none of those… I bonded with “Things”.  Not just any “things” though… gifts from special family and friends.

Back to this blanket.  As I mentioned in the beginning of this, it is interesting how things/gifts can change their meaning over time.  The following summer I had a very special occasion that was coming up.  It was a very special Native American weekend Ceremonial Women’s Retreat.  It was a “healing of wounds” if you will event.  Without going into the details, I will just say that there were some very important things from my childhood that I needed to deal with and heal… don’t we all .  So, on the list of items to bring it stated, “a warm blanket”.  “We have many of those I thought” and as I began to go through to find the one that I wanted to take, there was the sheepskin plaid brown and gold blanket.  Not the prettiest one though something said, “Pick me”.  I took that blanket and it stayed around and on my body most of the time that weekend.  I fell asleep crying on it, I shared laughs with the other women while it was wrapped around me and I sat on it during a very special cleansing.  Little did I know how much comfort, warmth and healing it would bring me.  While at the retreat there was a whole line of “Love” body wash, body spray, lotion and candle that was the most amazing smell to me!  It reminded me of my Grandmother.  After showering for bed one night after a long and very emotionally draining, yet powerful day, I applied the body lotion and body spray.  I wrapped myself up in that blanket as I went to sleep.  It was so comforting!  Even weeks after I returned home, I could still smell that smell on the blanket and found myself wrapped up in that thing every day… I was like Linus from Charlie Brown… It seems to go everywhere with me!  The meaningfulness of that Christmas gift became so much more significant to me than just “A blanket” It had become “My Cherished Blanket”! To this day I love spraying that same smell on it and cuddling up with it on the couch to watch TV or snuggle my dog up in it or share it with my husband.

This is the transition to the moral of telling the story of “The Cherished Blanket”.  It was gifted to me by my Tia Mary.  She is my Aunt by marriage, and I have known her now for over 15 years.  She was both a reserved woman and outspoken woman. She had an infectious laugh and she loved spending her time with family.  Most of all she loved cooking for her family and watching them enjoy her cooking.  She was always good to me and really gave wonderful and very thoughtful Christmas gifts.  Mary passed away last week from complications from covid. Today was her funeral online.  I wish I had shared with Mary how much that gift meant to me.  I wish I had told her how very sentimental and meaningful it has become to me.  And even now… today, it has shifted its meaning once again.  It has become “My Cherished Blanket”.  I find comfort knowing she is now in heaven and watching over all of us.  Just as she took care of all of the family while here on earth.

Moral of this story is this… Share your sentiments with your family and friends when you realize it.  Do not waste a day sharing how much someone means to you! I found a saying years ago that I use as my life mantra.  “Live everyday as if it were your last… because one day, it will be”.

This also applies to letting loved ones know how special your “Connection” with this is because that is all life really is… LOVE & CONNECTION.